ABOUT - Van Pulley
Van Pulley in Alabama Hills during his Death Valley Photo Tour, November 2018.

I am a fine art photographer living in Northern Virginia. The last three decades of my life were focused afar. Living and working on international development sensitized me to the uncommon beauty, singular gestures and compelling structures that those inured to a local place tend to overlook. My recent focus is on exploring the prodigy of nature, people and architecture in my own environment, but I have projects planned in Cuba, Morocco, Turkey, India and Myanmar reflecting my background in international development.

My imagery is an eclectic mix, informed by an itinerant life. The camera mirrors my restlessness. My lens wanders through nature’s shadows into city streets and captures the diverse creatures and characters that fill them. The photographs communicate the earthly and unearthly beauty of the land and wildlife that humanity has common cause to protect.  I try to portray an intimacy in subjects that invites viewers into the frame to connect and reflect. 

Most of my images are color, reflecting the way most people see the world. My color-blindness allows me to see how color sometimes distracts from the light, texture, or reality better conveyed in black and white. So expect both.

My images have garnered recognition in multiple juried exhibitions and publications including the Art League Gallery in Alexandria, ArtSpace Herndon, Falls Church Gallery, the Hill Center Gallery (DC), the Maryland Federation of Art Circle Gallery (Annapolis), PhotoPlace Gallery (Middlebury, VT), the SE Center for Photography (Greenville, SC), the International Photographic Society of the World Bank and IMF and Washington Gardener and Wrightsville Beach (NC) Magazines.

I am making up for lost time—and recognize I have no time to lose.